Jack, our 5-year old son with autism, was on "the diet", saw his DAN doctor and was involved in and tried several other therapies and alternative treatments. When we first met Cheryl, I brought with us literally hundreds of dollars worth of tests. Within 30 minutes, Cheryl confirmed everything on those tests and gave us so much more information about Jack that we could never receive anywhere else. Cheryl never once looked at his tests; and, quite frankly, after that first visit, we never looked at them again ourselves. Through Cheryl, Jack receives footbaths to release his toxins, homeopathic remedies and natural chelation. Rick Wisener also helped Jack maintain healthy digestion through reflexology. Jack is now in Kindergarten and is doing consistently well; and, is slowly migrating into the "General Education" class. Cheryl also helped our 2-year old son, Nicholas, conquer his unknown food intolerances and digestive bacteria to get him to finally sleep through the night. We can literally say that we now all rest easy with the Wiseners' care.
~L.M.~ Fort Mill S.C.

For many years now, eating a salad meant a quick run to the bathroom, and many more, as I was having a LOT of upset-stomach problems anyway. Well, early one day, my husband & I went into our Wal-Mart to refill our water jugs, and went by the produce on the way out. I chose a butter-mix bag of lettuce and hearts of romaine, baby spinach, and croutons. I did this knowing that my stomach wouldn't tolerate it well, but I didn't have plans to go anywhere anyway. After no bad results that day, and because of the snow-day rescheduling for Tuesday, I had two salads on Tuesday, sure that the digestive results would catch up with me, big time.
Well, guess what? They never did!
I had a salad ( or two ) every day, and still have had no ill results.
Unless this happens to someone, they usually have no understanding of how salads can adversely affect your life, with urgency, nor can they appreciate the thrill of being healed from this "affliction."
For many, many years, certain foods caused severe digestive upset for me; milk from early childhood, grits, apples, and salads from adolescence on, and unknown other causes have given me "stomach problems" all of my life. Currently, at age 50, I am now able to eat the above named foods without digestive distress, due to a healing of the causes of these conditions through treatments I've received at Wisener Alternative Health. In addition, when I first consulted with Cheryl Wisener, I had a cough that interrupted everything I tried to speak, which is about 95 % healed. I've battled long-term conditions due to environmental toxins and systemic fungal infection, and for the first time ever, have seen improvements in my health from the care I've received from Cheryl & Rickey. I look forward to my weekly footbaths that continue to pull yeast, heavy metals, and other toxins from my body, and I appreciate the Wiseners so very much for their help in my quest for better health. I give thanks to God for them daily!
~K.D.~ Gastonia, N.C.

I found Cheryl Wisener on a recommendation, after spending 3 years trying various therapies and chasing rainbows in the fight against my son’s autism spectrum disorder. When we first went to Cheryl our son was very aggressive, had limited vocabulary, limited expressive and receptive language, he was on a yeast protocol and allergy medication, and more. He was also diagnosed with periodic limb movement disorder for which we were treating him with an iron supplement. After testing with our pediatrician it was discovered that he was deficient in several vitamins and fighting a parasite (Blastocystis Hominis), anaerobic gut bacteria, and yeast problems. We had done a month in a hyperbaric chamber, we have also been to two DAN doctors, and we also have a great pediatrician, and although we were seeing small results, none of it was making a huge difference to my son’s development. The first week that we saw Cheryl my son’s behavior was amazing. His was calmer and he began to respond more favorably to both us and other people around him. However, it is important to state that this was the calm before the storm behavior wise. Ongoing, as Cheryl treats different aspects of his physiology and continues to detox him, he responds in different ways. Sometimes he is more aggressive for a few weeks, sometimes his tic (grunting) will re-emerge briefly, or his old behavior problems may resurface: screaming, hyperactive etc. However, his receptive and expressive language is now far beyond his age level, he also has a new awareness of the world around him that is the same as a typical child his age. He is active and happy much of the time. He is getting really good reports from school. We are now able to reason with him and he has an opinion on everything, which is actually great. Prior to the treatments with Cheryl he had no opinions whatsoever, he wanted to sit and play with the same toys, or watch the same TV shows over and over. He still has limited interests but is now more open to new things and thankfully he transitions much easier than he ever did before. His allergies are mostly under control now, certainly he no longer fights to breathe whenever the wind changes or as the weather moves through the seasons. His parasite seems to be at a controllable level and we continue to work on this. Slowly but surely my son’s true personality is emerging. He is able to exhibit emotion like he never has been able to in the past. When we do hit a bump, which we do, he asks for a footbath. I never thought for one minute he would ask to see Miss Cheryl, but come Sunday night before our appointment on Tuesdays, he is asking for treatment because it does make him feel better. It took weeks to be able to have him sit to just even put his feet in the bath but now he asks every single week to go and do the treatments. I am grateful every single day to the parent who recommended we go and seek treatment from Cheryl. This is not a magic bullet, the healing takes time. Cheryl now treats the whole family, it’s been a great ongoing experience, and while there is still healing to do, we will be going. I can highly recommend Cheryl Wisener.
~K.D.~ Fort Mill, S.C.

We began seeing Cheryl for my son, Gunnar who is autistic. The progress we have seen him make in the past year and a half has been remarkable! His ability to focus and pay attention to what is going on around him has greatly increased. His teachers and shadows at school have noticed a real difference in his ability to learn and they have also seen his social skills becoming more proficient. My other son and I have also been seeing Cheryl for allergies and we have seen a dramatic improvement in both of us. I have recommended Cheryl to many of my friends and they to are seeing good results as well. It has been a wonderful experience!
~K.R.~ Charlotte, N.C.

My son, who is now 14, began seeing Cheryl at the end of 5th grade for a host of issues. We came armed to see her with a list of diagnoses; OCD, ADHD, PANDAS, auditory processing disorder and borderline Asperger’s along with several types of meds. My goal was to get my son off of his “bag of pills” which I was not convinced were really helping him. It seemed they were only a band aid on the problem and he was not getting any better. Also, the side effects were not worth the benefit, so I sought out Cheryl for help. By the end of the summer we were on our way to healing and my son was off all of his meds except one. We were able to reduce his dosage on that particular medication and his real personality was able to shine for the first time in a long time. We did footbaths; allergy elimination and a little EFT and what a major difference it has made. Cheryl confirmed his metal toxicity as well as helped us identify the cause of his PANDAS. We had tried the traditional approach to healing this issue and it did not work. Cheryl was finally able to identify a toxin called Clostridia and once that was treated the problem began to subside and is now completely gone. I am convinced my son’s issues starting at birth, but thanks to Cheryl he is now a normal teenager with typical issues He is eating well, growing and maturing as he should for a child at his age. He is doing very well in school and now has many friends. When I took my son in for his school physical his doctor could not believe how he had changed and improved.. I still take him to see Cheryl two to three times a year for what I call a checkup. Meeting Cheryl and having her heal my son has been a true blessing to our family.
~S.N.~ Charlotte, N.C.

Since my early teen years I have had problems with sores on my
tongue. They started out as white bumps that would last only a few
days, but by the time I was in my 50's they would last for months at
time. I saw my regular doctor, dermatologists, gynecologists,
dentists, and anyone else who would listen. I tried mouth washes,
prednisone, antibiotics, cortisone creams, and regular pain killers.
Some things helped, but nothing really worked well. Finally after
having a case that persisted for 1 1/2 years, I went to Cheryl
Wisener. She tested me and treated me. After three weeks the sores
were gone, my mouth felt normal, and has continued to feel normal.
After two or three months I was also surprised to learn that my blood
pressure had returned to normal (it had been "borderline" high) and
the iron levels in my blood were normal (I had been slightly anemic).
I'm amazed at how her treatment has seemed to enable my body to heal
itself and function well again.
~G.F.~ Rock Hill, S.C.

Last July, I had my first experience with a kidney stone. During the hospital visit they did a CT scan. Two weeks later, after passing my stone, I received a certified letter in the mail saying that I had a 8-9mm mass in my right lower lobe of my lung and for me to notify my personal physician for follow-up. They recommended a 3 month follow-up. After about a month of waiting for my appointment, my doctor did nothing and said he would watch it and see what happens. The wait and see approach is not the approach I had in mind. While in the process of finding me a new doctor, I went immediately to Cheryl Wisener for her evaluation. She said that there was definately something in my lung, but her bio-set technology showed my mass to be nothing more than infection.
(My personal physician had treated me for a lung infection that previous Janurary. I had been coughing for months, especially at night upon lying down on my right side.)
Within two weeks of her treatments, my coughing was gone and I no longer felt any pressure in my chest upon lying down at night. Two more months passed, and during this two months I acquired a new doctor and made an appointment with a pulmonologist. Because Cheryl had treated me, the follow-up CT scan showed my lungs were clear and that I did not have to return. Cheryl also treated me for other health problems as well. I had been trying to loose weight for over a year and a half. She found that my body was having trouble processing fats. After treatments I have lost from 172 down to 155.
My bowels are regular for the first time in my life and my energy has returned. My body had been polluted for so long with toxins and heavy metals, so she treated me for that as well. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for allowing her the knowledge and wisdom to use natural means to heal me.

~M.B.~ Rock Hill, S.C.


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