Brain Intergration

Brain Integration incorporates performing specific tasks which are difficult for
each individual, followed by "repatterning" techniques which stimulate the neurological connections within the brain and facilitate whole brain learning. "Repatterning" really means "retraining" the brain to more efficiently use both sides to perform tasks, rather than limiting itself to using only one hemisphere at a time. Neurologists have discovered that we can use the body to "repattern" or retrain the brain to change inefficient pathways into more efficient ones. This process which was created by neurologists, has been used very successfully for many years. The "repatterning" occurs through the use of simple exercises and stretches along with eye accessing (looking in a particular direction) and muscle sensing as feedback to anchor the changes the brain and body are making as information is being processed in a new way.
The knowledge of the connection between the brain and the body has been well documented. Medical doctors, Glen and Robert Doleman and Carl Delacato introduced a technique called "patterning" which consisted of exercises replicating the crawling movements of a baby to help students with head injuries and other severe neurological dysfunctions.


Effective in minimizing and/or eliminating the following:


Reading Program

Academic Associates Reading Center of the Carolinas utilizes the most effective methodology for reading instruction. It was developed by Cliff Ponder after years of frustration as a teacher and principal.

Cliff Ponder has developed a very distinctive phonics-based reading program. The complete and authentic basis is the reason it is so successful with students of all ages. The program is successful with those diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning problems.
There is abundant research on reading and how the brain processes reading.
Our approach is to take what has already been learned and put it into a simple, usable format enabling the teacher to teach and the student to learn.
It is our compliance with reading research that contributes to the program's success. The Academic Associates Reading Program always gets results.

Our Reading Program uses the 44 sounds of English.
The Academic Associates Reading Program provides students of all ages the "tools" that unlock the million words of English. Amazingly, non-readers can be reading over 300 words within 3 hours!
Most students complete the program in fewer than 50 hours. They will gain 2 to 4 grades during this time.
Those with dyslexia and other learning challenges make remarkable gains.
The pyramid illustrates that if there isn't a solid foundation of letters representing sounds, for many, reading can't take place. Once that foundation is established it can be built on with more and more complex sounds and combinations until confident reading takes place.




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