Bowen Therapy

Bowen Technique is a gentle and non-invasive holistic treatment that aims to restore balance to the body by using small, gentle moves to specific areas of the body. Because the therapy is so gentle, it is considered to be suitable for all ages. The precise, light movements are applied either directly on the skin or through light clothing to the muscles, tendons or ligaments. A delicate, cross-fiber movement is used to release tension and energetic blocks held in the muscles, allowing the body to rebalance itself naturally and therefore maximize the potential for healing.

The Treatment

A Bowen treatment usually takes place with the client lying on a couch or sitting in a chair. A practitioner uses his fingers and thumbs to 'roll' the muscles and connective tissue using gentle pressure at specific points. Many of the points used correspond to the trigger points used in massage or the acupressure points. The movements assist blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to clear toxins from the body. A session usually lasts from half an hour to an hour with frequent pauses between movements to allow the body time to assimilate changes. The client is left to rest at the end of the treatment for the same reason.
Symptoms that may respond well to the Bowen Technique include back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder problems, sports injuries, migraines and headaches, menstrual problems, chronic fatigue and stress related problems.



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