Autism as well as other spectrum disorders have become very prevalent in recent years, and many families have experienced the struggle that goes into finding the right practitioner as well as the right modality that will offer the most effective healing for their child. Even as there is not just one cause for autism, there is also not just one healing modality that will see the same results for each person diagnosed with that disease. Each person comes with different symptoms and different needs for bringing balance back into their system and at Consolidated Energy Wellness, we offer a variety of healing modalities that may be utilized with each child. Also the energetic testing that we incorporate during the intial evaluation allows us to develop a healing plan that works more effectively, giving us a better chance at seeing more consistant results in a shorter amount of time.
Over the past several years, we have developed a protocol that has seen many children become more responsive and productive in their every day lives. The first line of defence almost always begins with the use of homeopathics along with elimination of such toxins as heavy metals, environmentals, EMF, and other pathegens. Gut and genetic compromises or brain injury healing is usually secondary to the toxins that have taken their toll.
Our detoxification is unique to most other protocols, as we first prepare the body by desensitizing it to the toxins that will be targeted. This usually takes away most reaction or healing crisis that is seen with other detoxification or chelation protocols. As we begin the detoxing process, we go slow and assist the body through detoxification footbaths, so the body does not get overloaded.
Many have realized the combined problem of heavy metals and fungals together and the huge affect on the brain and gut, but we have found affective formulas that will naturally bring out the heavy metals along with killing and detoxing the pathegens. This protocol has been so effective that when we have treated children that have already gone through several chelation and fungal treatments with other practitioners or doctors, we witness more progress than has been seen before. Getting these toxins out of the way, then allows for healing through other modalities that may have been blocked in the past.


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